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Sura (2)
Al-Baqarah - The Heifer (286)
1st Initialed sura, 27th initialed revealed, 87th revealed overall
Sura (3)
Ali-Imran - The Amramites (200)
2nd Initialed sura, 28th initialed revealed, 89th revealed overall
Sura (7) Al-Aaraf - The Purgatory (206)
3rd initialed sura, 4th initialed sura revealed, 39th sura revealed, overall
Sura (10) Younus - Jonah (109)
4th initialed sura, 11th initialed sura revealed, 51th sura revealed, overall
Sura (11) Hud - Judah (123)
5th initialed sura, 12th initialed sura revealed, 52th sura revealed, overall
Sura (12) Yousuf - Joseph (111)
6th initialed sura, 13th initialed sura revealed, 53th sura revealed, overall
Sura (13) Al-Raad - The Thunder (43)
7th initialed sura, 29th initialed sura revealed, 96th sura revealed, overall
Sura (14) Ibrahim - Abraham (52)
8th initialed sura, 23rd initialed sura revealed, 72nd sura revealed, overall
Sura (15) Al-Hijr  - Interdiction (99)
9th initialed sura, 14th initialed sura revealed, 54th sura revealed, overall
Sura (19) Maryam - Mary (98)
initialed sura, 6th initialed revealed, 44th revealed, overall

Sura (20) Ta Ha - TaaHaa (135)
initialed sura, 7th initialed revealed, 45th revealed, overall

Sura (26) Al-Shuara - The Poets (227)
12th initialed sura, 8th initialed revealed, 47th revealed, overall
Sura (27) Al-Naml - The Ant (93)
13th initialed sura, 9th initialed revealed, 48th revealed, overall
Sura (28 Al-Qasas - The Narrations (88)
14th initialed sura, 10th initialed revealed, 49th revealed, overall
Sura (29) Al-Ankaboot - The Spider (69)
15th initialed sura, 26th initialed revealed, 85th revealed, overall
Sura (30) Al-Room - Rome (60)
16th initialed sura, 24th initialed revealed, 84th revealed, overall
Sura (31) Luqman - Luqman (60)
17th initialed sura, 15th initialed revealed, 57th revealed, overall
Sura (32) Al-Sajdah - Prostration (30)
18th initialed sura, 24th initialed revealed, 75th revealed, overall
Sura (36) YaSeen - YaSeen (83)
19th initialed sura, 5th initialed revealed, 41st revealed, overall
Sura (38) Saad - Saad (88)
20th initialed sura, 3rd initialed revealed, 38th revealed, overall
Sura (40) Ghafer - Forgiver (85)
21st initialed sura, 16th initialed revealed, 60th revealed overall
Sura (41) Fussilat - Elucidated (54)
22nd initialed sura, 17th initialed revealed, 61st revealed overall
Sura (42) Al-Shoora - Consultation (53)
23rd initialed sura, 18th initialed revealed, 62nd revealed overall
Sura (43) Al-Zukhruf - Vanity (89)
24th initialed sura, 19th initialed revealed, 63rd revealed overall
Sura (44) Al-Dukhan - The Smoke (59)
25th initialed sura, 20th initialed revealed, 64th revealed overall
Sura (45) Al-Jatheyah - Kneeling (37)
26th initialed sura, 21st initialed revealed, 65th revealed overall
Sura (46) Al-Ahqaf - The Dunes (35)
27th initialed sura, 22nd initialed revealed, 66th revealed overall
Sura (50) Qaaf - Qaaf (45)
28th initialed sura, 2nd initialed revealed, 34th revealed overall
Sura (68) Al-Qalam - The Pen (52)
29th initialed sura, 1st initialed revealed, 2nd revealed overall